7am Daily Morning Prayer

Every morning at 7:00 in the morning we gather in the church and conduct the reading of the Bible together with prayer until eight in the morning. We invite everyone who has the opportunity to join and see how the Lord Himself will change your life’s path.

Worship Music

As those who are saved into the Revelation sing, “You are worthy, Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for you created all things, and [all] according to your will there is and was created” (Rev.4: 11). We also encourage those who wish to join and glorify our great Lord with all our heart and soul. You have the opportunity to learn and participate in choral singing. We also invite everyone who has a vocation to serve in musical groups, such as orchestras or in worship groups that strive for glorification of our Creator.

“StriveUP”  Youth

“StriveUp” is a youth ministry focused on ages 13-18, based out of Rockland Church. We believe in spiritually healthy, in-deep Bible teaching, building Christian relationships, and growing spiritually together in Jesus Christ. Anyone the age of 13-18 feel free to join our weekly Bible Studies, our Youth Nights, and other youth events.

Sunday School

For children and teenagers there is an opportunity to visit the Sunday School groups, where every Sunday passes the time of teaching the Holy Scripture and the knowledge of God’s will.

A.W.N.A Clubs

The spiritual development of children and their knowledge of God in carrying out interesting activities helps them to accept this with great interest. Our regular program runs every week on Tuesdays at 6:15 pm. At this time, the children are divided into groups by age and spend time in games, singing, and studying the Holy Scriptures. For new visitors, we invite you to see this with your own eyes. We also need voluntary help in working with children from 5 to adolescence. To participate in the work with children, it will be necessary to register.

Bible Study

If you are interested in knowing God in the depths of His Word, then we invite you to an inductive study of the Bible. Through this, you will learn how the Bible will become your guide in life and in relationship with God, increase your Spiritual growth, and reveal to you His will that He has prepared for you.

“Palabra Para Mexico” (Word to Mexico) 

Friends, you have a unique opportunity to serve God in Mexico. Our goal is to bring the message of Jesus to those who are not yet familiar with our Almighty God! For each of you there is work. Your task is only to express a desire. We also need support. Far travel to Mexico with the delivery of humanitarian aid for children, with no hope for the future. Through your help, children, families, and forgotten people of Mexico come to Jesus Christ.


In our time, media ministry has a very important responsibility in development with mass of information around the world and technology. Every manifestation of sound, video, and other media directions requires knowledge and work experience. We invite everyone who wants to study or has experience in the field of sound, video, the Internet, and other information technologies.

“Moms in Prayer” – Northern California Slavic Community

Moms in Prayer in Slavic Community impacts children and schools for Christ by gathering mothers together to pray.

Onyx Cafe

If you like to work in the kitchen or serve people during events or Sunday ministry, then we need your abilities. Find out how you can help or become part of our team.


We Love our Volunteers!

The church always needs your help. If the Lord calls you to work and you have a desire or a call, join us, we really need you. Follow the page “contact us”, send an application and we will contact you.